With humane purpose and artistic virtuosity, the Clarion Quartet gives a voice to great composers who have suffered the injustices of suppression and imposed silence.



"The Nazis might have attempted to eradicate the names of these composers. Instead, their very attempt brought forth the kind of prominence that they were fighting. As children of Holocaust survivors, it is especially moving to be part of the cause!"

Rabbi Shimon and Mrs. Chani Silver


The Clarion Quartet shines a light on the music of composers whom political oppression has kept from a deserved place in the chamber music repertoire. It is a clarion call, giving voice to works of genius. 

The members of the Clarion Quartet are colleagues in the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and joined through a shared passion for performing chamber music and an interest in suppressed music of the years leading up to the Holocaust and beyond. In their debut season of 2016, the highlight was a performance organized by the quartet during an international tour with the orchestra.  The Clarion Quartet traveled to the former Teresienstadt concentration camp in the present day Czech Republic to perform, on the original barracks stage, the works of composers who had been interned there and of others who suffered a similar fate.


At the professional level these composers had endured the silence of their creative output, and at the human level, they had suffered physical abuse, the loss of careers, exile and in many cases execution. The quartet felt a sense of calling to respond to the two-part cruelty done to these artists.

 The quartet binds artistic virtuosity with humane purpose to highlight these great works that are just now emerging into the standard repertoire. With thanks to an Entrepreneur Grant from the Curtis Institute of Music and a grant from the Fine Foundation, the ensemble is turning its sights to the future with plans for new performances and new repertoire.


The Clarion mission has three action areas: performances and educational opportunities for all audiences to hear and learn about this work; educational presentations and master classes for emerging artists in conservatories; and advocacy among professional musicians, that suppressed works be included in the canon of chamber music performed today.

Through a yearning to bring justice to creative voices that have been silenced, the Clarion Quartet is dedicated to providing renewal, hope, and healing through its music and work.


Jennifer Orchard, violin
Jennifer Orchard, violin

“We have a chance to play their music and give them the voice that was stolen from them.”

Marta Krechkovsky, violin
Marta Krechkovsky, violin

“Our goal is to make this music heard and to let people know that it is out there and just as great as any other works.”

Tatjana Mead Chamis, viola
Tatjana Mead Chamis, viola

“I can’t imagine the world without this music! We are playing it with a joyous purpose of focusing light on and giving a voice to these great, yet suppressed composers. They will not be silenced into the future.”

Bronwyn Banerdt, cello
Bronwyn Banerdt, cello

“If the whole purpose of music is to communicate, then the work of Clarion is the fulfillment of that purpose.”

"The Quartet blew everyone away with the intensity and beauty of the performance!"
Frank Lieberman

"Clarion quartet is a breath of fresh air.
Exceptional musicianship, integrity and beauty!"








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“If the whole purpose of music is to communicate, then the work of Clarion is the fulfillment of that purpose.”


    October 10, 2017 | 11:30 – 12:30 | Pittsburgh Day of Music at Magee Woman’s Hospital


    October 11, 2017 | City of Asylum


    October 13 and 15, 2017 | Heinz Hall | Post-concert. Music by Weinberg


    November 2017 | Tour of Canada



    Clarion Quartet is grateful for the generosity of our supporters.

    Our current work is supported by an Entrepreneur Grant from the Curtis Institute of Music and a grant from the Fine Foundation.

    We will be continuing our initiatives to expand our work, and we look forward to contributions and performance engagements in support of our mission.

    If you are interested in making a donation or in potentially booking a performance, please contact us at:  clarionquartet@gmail.com

    Thank you!

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